Guildhall Day was a holiday celebrated in Waterdeep on Kythorn 14. It was a celebration of the fruits of people's labor, characterized by trade fairs, announcements of new products, and recruitment into the Guilds of Waterdeep.[1]


The purpose of the holiday was to celebrate the quality of the products and services offered by the city's guilds.[1]


During the holiday, most shops and street stands remained closed and almost all trade in the city was suspended. What little commerce was permitted during Guildhall Day was conducted by foot peddlers. The day was marked by numerous street fairs that showcased new releases, often including entertainment programs performed by magicians, jugglers, and singers, as well as brief plays and storytelling sessions. During the entertainment program, it was common for free samples of products to be distributed as prizes.[1]

Many of the city's inhabitants and visitors enjoyed browsing the merchandise during Guildhall Day, even though it could not be purchased on that particular day. It was also common for the guilds to use the day's festivities to recruit new members.[1]



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