The Guildmasters' Hall was a grand meeting hall in the town of Daggerford.[1][2]


It was located in the town's Farmers' Quarter, overlooking the marketplace.[3][4]


The massive building was quite the impressive sight. In fact it was so large, its construction required the demolition of several adjacent buildings.[1]


First and foremost, the hall was a place where various guilds could hold their meetings. Additionally, it housed the offices of their guildmasters along with the records that were kept by each of the guilds.[2]

In addition to its other uses, the Guildmasters' Hall once housed the offices of a number of Waterdhavians agents who represented business interests within the city.[1]

Non–guild members could pay a fee of 2 gp in order to utilize the hall and its resources.[2]


The grand meeting hall was built not long before the Year of the Tankard, 1370 DR. It actually caused some unrest in town as many of the farmers living nearby were forced to relocated to the Caravan Quarter, and did not abide living in close proximity to non-humans.[1]





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