Guk was a female goblin rogue and member of the Hidden in Maerimydra during the Silence of Lolth.[1]


She had deep red skin and yellow eyes. Guk was a notably small goblin.[1]


Although rarely one to speak, Guk would occasionally squeak loudly if frightened. She was considered a receptive pupil.[1]


Like most goblins, Guk's size and instincts made her well-suited to stealth. However, under the tutelage of the Hidden, her natural talents were cultivated to the point that she was considered one of the stealthiest in the group.[1] An especially wary rogue, Guk preferred to strike from a distance, if possible.[3][2]


She wore a set of +1 studded leather that allowed her to merge with the shadows around her. In addition, Guk was equipped with a +1 venomous short sword and a well-crafted hand crossbow[2]


Although she rarely spoke, Guk had made firm allies with the other members of the Hidden and had proved an able pupil to the senior members.[1]


Goblin slaveEdit

Guk had spent much of her early life as a slave in the city of Maerimydra. However, during the Silence of Lolth in 1372 DR, the city was sacked by the armies of Kurgoth Hellspawn. Luckily, Guk managed to avoid most of the chaos by hiding in an urn.[1]

Among the HiddenEdit

After the fall of Maerimydra, Guk fell in with a group called the Hidden, who aimed to overthrow the rule of both Kurgoth Hellspawn and the opportunistic Kiaransaleean followers led by Irae T'sarran. Under their tutelage, her skills as a rogue and at remaining unseen blossomed to the point that she was considered one of the stealthiest among them. Despite not even being a drow, Guk was often selected to be a scout for the group in order to find allies for their cause.[1][4][3]




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