Guldin Gallowgar was a retired adventurer, businessman, and innkeeper of the infamous Gallowgar's Inn in Elturel in the Western Heartlands in the mid–14th century DR.[3][1][2]


Guldin was the owner and manager of the inn that shared his name in Elturel.[1][2]

Guldin also had interests, involvement, or investments in what felt like every shipping or trading company up and down the Sword Coast. Amazingly well-connected, he seemingly knew everybody and everything in the Sword Coast lands, in a lot of cities and all strata of society.[1] He could give advice about where to find almost anything and almost anybody, seemingly anywhere in Faerûn. He gave it for free, but a lot of folk came and stayed at the inn just to talk with or question him.[1][2]

He also sponsored some caravans and adventuring parties, and enjoyed see how they performed. His price for sponsoring an adventuring company was 10% of any treasure retrieved. He would grant potions of healing if required, but expected to be paid back for them in extra treasure. Thus, Gallowgar's Inn was a preferred stop for poor caravaners and adventurers.[1][2]


He was believed to be very wealthy, yet there was absolutely no sign of any of this in his more than plain inn. He lived frugally, eating the same plain food he served his guests and even thriving on it.[1] He was, in fact, very wealthy, but nearly all his riches were invested in affairs in Amn, Cormyr, and the Sunset Vale, and in a number of caravan companies going between them.[2]

Guldin had a good number of magical items. Those identified with certainty, and that he wore at all times, were a ring of spell turning and a ring of protection +3, as well as a pair of winged boots.[2]


Rumor had it that Guldin was married to a certain noble lady of Elturel who otherwise appeared unattached. She had a tall-turreted house looking over the Garden in the center of Elturel. She had a very haughty attitude but decadent habits and hosted countless parties.[1]


Guldin had established his inn some time before 1358 DR.[3] He was still running it through the 1360s DR and was prospering circa 1366 DR.[1]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

Guldin was known to be able to move quickly and usually unseen between locations;[1] his winged boots might account for some of this knack.[2]


Guldin was affable[1] and cheerful, but always on the alert. Volo described him as being like a "patient and amused hawk".[2]


He was a man of mature years by the mid-1360s DR.[1]



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