Gullykin was a small settlement located a couple of miles from Durlag's Tower,[1] south of the Wood of Sharp Teeth in the Western Heartlands.


Gullykin laid hard up against the overgrown, fallow, rubble field that was once the elven town of Firewine Bridge.[2]


In Gullykin, information about the ongoings in Durlag's Tower could be purchased for a small price.[1]

The brewery of Gullykin was known to have great vaults, used both for storing casks and growing mushrooms.[2] Rumors had it that they might be connected to underground store rooms of an ancient merchant house of Firewine Bridge, where many treasures guarded by golems still waited to be found.[2]

The citizens of Gullykin didn't explore the ruins of Firewine Bridge as they believed that doing so invited the misfortune of "those who died and do not sleep".[2]



  • Gullykin has been described as being a halfling village[2] or a human and gnome settlement.[1] Usually the latter, later-published source takes precedence but the earlier source has far more detailed information about Gullykin.

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A typical house in Gullkykin, as depicted in the Baldur's Gate game.

In Baldur's Gate, Gullykin is a small halfling village in the Western Heartlands, north of the Firewine Bridge and east of Beregost and the ruins of Ulcaster's school. The village is surrounded by a wall and it lies at the edge of deep a gorge. The ruler of the village was, in 1368 DR, the halfling Gandolar Luckyfoot. Parts of the area around Gullykin seem to be infested with ankhegs.[3]


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