The Gulthmere Forest marked the boundary between the Dragon Coast and the Vilhon Reach in central Faerûn. It was an overgrown forest of pine and cedar that was sacred to the god Nobanion and his followers.[1] To those within the Reach, it was known as the "seat of power" for the lands' druids.[2]


The terrain of the forest was hill country, leading up to the Orsraun Mountains in the south. The land had rich mineral deposits and so was coveted by miners.[1]

Notable LocationsEdit

A small city, in the heart of the forest, that served as a druidic stronghold. Despite their presence in the area, the city was not a settlement of the Emerald Enclave.[2]
This village, located in the forest's depths, was home to a cult of Nobanion-worshipers.[3]
Lightless Lake
Also known as the, Moonmere, it was a lake in a swamp south of Starmantle, it was home to a tribe of bullywugs who believed the lake to be holy to Ramenos. When coming to Toril, the Fane of Shadows appeared in the Lightless Lake.[4]


During the Time of Troubles, the forest was the location of a great battle between Nobanion and the god Malar. With the help of his druid allies, Nobanion kept Malar from entering the Reach, and the Beastlord was forced to turn north.[3]

In the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, the Fellowship of the Purple Staff established themselves within the forest, and by 1372 DR, had founded three small hamlets in its northeastern region. Although they were originally resisted by the Nobanionites, who mistook their actions for wanton slaughter of wildlife, the two groups formed a steady alliance. With the help of the Fellowship, the inhabitants of these settlements built roads to trade with nearby Amry and Telpir as well the subterranean dwarven miners.[5]




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