Gurn Coldhearth was a priest who served the deity Dumathoin before he underwent the process to become a lich in the mid–14th century DR.[1]


Gurn kept his secrets close, often employing complex systems of encryption in order to keep them hidden.[1]


Coldhearth owned an enchanted warhammer called the Dread Hammer, that was warped by dark magic following his descent into undeath.[1]

His phylactery was a small box cast of gold and silver, inlaid with a great many jewels.[1]


In life, Gurn Coldhearth counted Auchlin Deepvein among his dearest friends.[1]


At some point in his life Gurn was afflicted with a horrible illness that caused his body to slowly waste away.[1]

In the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, Auchlin Deepvein, Gurn Coldhearth, and the other dwarves of the Talhund Order of Dumathoin's Secret Gleam began to dig within a small cave near the Coast Way crossing. It was said that Auchlin had received a vision about some type of unique metal hidden deep underground.[1]

One night his mind was affected by the all-powerful lich known as the Shadow King. The lich told him that a cure to his illness lay within an underground domain that he and his fellow dwarves would soon reach. Under this dark influence, Gurn began to perform dark deeds and cajoled silence from anyone who glimpsed upon his actions.[1]

When they delved deeper beneath the earth, the Dumathoin dwarves uncovered the Repository of Undeath, the domain of an ancient lich. Undead creatures came pouring out of the depths. Coldhearth immediately went deeper into the underground lair while Deepvein and the clerics held the upper tunnels in order to prevent the undead from reaching the surface.[1]

Coldhearth went to the heart of the repository to perform the Ritual of Becoming, a magical procedure that would grant him immortality in undeath. As he achieved lichdom, Coldhearth managed to free one of the liches from the control of the Shadow King's Overmind.[1]

Nearly immediately after his transformation, the lich Coldhearth was approached by Abdel Adrian and his traveling companions. Abdel had been tasked by Daran Highhammer to investigate the fates of Coldhearth and the rest of the dwarven excavation.[1]



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