Gurri was the creole language spoken by the nomadic Gur people of the Western Heartlands.[1]


In later times, Gurri made use of the Thorass alphabet.[2]


Although considered a patois or creole tongue of the Imaskari languages group, scholars observed the influence of countless other languages, many of them dead by the 14th century DR. In particular, the dead Halardrim language of the Rashemi had a strong influence;[1] the Gurs were generally believed to be of Rashemi descent.[2] Among the Imaskari languages, it was most closely related to the Eastern group.[1]


Similar to Rashemi names,[3] common Western Heartlands Gur names included Boriv, Gardar, Madevik, and Vlad for men; Varra, Ulmarra, Imza, Navarra, and Yuldra for women; and Chergoba, Drazlad, Tazyara, Vargoba, and Stayankina as surnames.[4]




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