The Gutbuster Brigade was a famous battlerager squad founded by Thibbledorf Pwent in Mithral Hall. They had their own brand of gung-ho tactics and often disregarded the typical order and discipline in favor of a more direct approach.[1]


The Gutbuster Brigade was formed in 1357 DR, when an army of drow attacked Mithral Hall. Thibbledorf Pwent hand-selected a score of dwarves to train as battleragers - a chaotic form of fighting, with various battlerager guilds having varying styles - Thibbledorf's personal 'art' consisted of putting on a full suit armor full covered in spikes, and throwing himself at the enemy, convulsing violently and shredding them. This turned out to be a highly efficient way of fighting in the narrow underground corridors and the Gutbusters took the drow completely by surprise.[3]

After Pwent's apparent death, the Gutbusters continued on. In 1484 DR, the leader of the Gutbusters was Bungalow Thump, who, following Pwent's service to Bruenor Battlehammer, was the personal bodyguard to King Connerad Brawnanvil.[2]


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