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Sir Guth of Ormpetarr was a knight of Ilmater and a member of the Order of the Golden Cup from the city of Ormpetarr in Sespech.[1]


Circa 1342 DR, the mad Ilmatari priest Bloirt Waelarn returned and committed murder and stole the Tome of Torment—the holiest book of the church—from the House of the Broken God in Keltar, Calimshan. On his path inland toward Mussum, he attempted to command and coerce Ilmatari who met him.

Sir Guth confronted Waelarn at Thorlor's Well, a campsite northwest of Ankhwood near Sespech, and challenged him to "holy single combat under the watching eyes of our god." Waelarn accepted, and promptly used a cairn spell to bury Guth. Calmly and cruelly, Waelarn then dug Guth out with a pick, and used an axe to chop off any limb that was revealed. Guth was soon killed and Waelarn left.

But that was not the end. Ilmater, the One Who Endures, caused Sir Guth to rise from his grave, but not from the dead. Guth was reassembled as a zombie. Untiring and unrelenting, despite all spells hurled at him and damage done to him, Guth tracked Waelarn across Sespech until the rogue priest collapsed of exhaustion outside Elbulder. The zombie Guth strangled Waelarn as he slept.

The deed done, Guth hid the Tome of Torment then constructed a funeral pyre to burn Waelarn's corpse to ash. Guth then threw himself on the pyre, still obeying the will of Ilmater the Broken God.[1]