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Ha-nagas (or more fully Faerûnian ha-nagas) were a massive, exceptionally powerful subspecies of naga.[1]


Ha-nagas were 100‑foot-long (30‑meter) serpentine creatures with the head of a classically beautiful human. They had no set coloration, with their scales instead changing color to match its surroundings like a chameleon.[1]


Ha-nagas were malevolent and arrogant creatures known to engineer the downfall of civilizations.[1] They reveled in their own destructive talents and saw all other creatures as lesser beings that should bow before them.[4]


Ha-nagas had many natural magical abilities. Their gaze alone functioned like a mass charm spell on all creatures within 90 feet (27 meters) of them, and they could cast cleric spells from the Chaos and Evil domains as if those spells were arcane spells. They were also sorcerers of great power, and typically knew the cantrips arcane mark, detect magic, ghost sound, light, mage hand, message, open/close, prestidigitation, and read magic; and the spells alarm, comprehend languages, disguise self, mage armor, magic missile, eagle's splendor, protection from arrows, spectral hand, Tasha's hideous laughter, touch of idiocy, fireball, lightning bolt, rage, suggestion, crushing despair, fire shield, ice storm, stoneskin, baleful polymorph, dominate person, nightmare, wall of force, chain lightning, greater heroism, true seeing, greater arcane sight, insanity, Mordenkainen's sword, mass charm monster, demand, polar ray, meteor swarm, power word, kill, prismatic sphere, wail of the banshee, and wish.[1]

Additionally, ha-nagas could magically fly at will, moving through the air like how sea snakes moved through water.[1]



In combat, ha-nagas preferred to use their ability to fly to keep out of range of melee, instead casting spells or using its charm gaze from a distance. If forced into close ranger combat, they would use their serpentine body like a whip or to constrict foes, and stung with the venomous stinger on the end the tail.[1]


Ha-nagas lived in warm forests; they were native to the Mhair Jungles but were also common in the jungles of the Chultan Peninsula. They preferred to live in the ruins of ancient civilizations, most preferably those of one they had brought low. Ha-nagas would make their lair in some former center of society, such as a temple, throne room, or coliseum, and pile art, jewelry, records, and other artifacts of that civilization in their nest.[1]

Ha-nagas were often worshiped by spirit nagas as gods.[1]


Ha-nagas were a minor subrace of nagas that were created after the fall of Mhairshaulk, when some dark nagas and spirit nagas sought out ancient rituals of the sarrukh and used those rituals to transform themselves.[5]


  • Supposedly, a trio of ha-nagas led the spirit nagas of Chultengar.[1]



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