Hadar, also known as the Dark Hunger,[1] was a star-like Elder Evil[2] from the Far Realm who had taken a place among stars of Realmspace. Unlike normal stars, Hadar didn't have a fixed place in the sky but instead danced and wavered across Realmspace.[3]

Description Edit

Hadar was a cinder-red star, barely visible in the night sky.[3]


Hadar and the other Far Realm-infested stars of Realmspace were somehow related to the Eldest.[3]

Hadar was a dying star, slowly burning into annihilation. Because of that it sent its agents, the Heralds of Hadar, to Toril to feed on living creatures in a desperate attempt to avert its demise.[4]

Hadar was usually sought out by some warlocks to make a pact with it. Neogi were specially adept to seek out pacts with it and the other Far Realm-infested stars.[2] To those few Hadar bestowed the ability to use the arms of Hadar spell and the more powerful hunger of Hadar spell.[1][5]






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