Hadozee, also known as "deck apes", were simian humanoids with distinctive patagia, known for their love of sailing.[3][1][2]

Description[edit | edit source]

While their nicknames described them as apes, hadozee were taller and skinnier than apes,[3] and some said that they looked more like baboons.[5] Hadozee were covered in fur of all varieties of brown[3]—from light tawny to dark chocolate[1]—and it was so thick that they really had no great need to wear clothing.[1] Their faces were surrounded by a shaggy mane.[3][1] A hadozee's snout protruded outwards from their face,[3] and the mouth was full of sharp fangs.[3][1][2] Their eyes were black and tended to sparkle.[1]

Hadozee had no tails.[3] Their feet were fully prehensile, complete with opposable thumbs, allowing them to hold onto things with both hands and feet.[3][2]

The most distinctive physical feature of the hadozee were their patagial wing flaps, much like a bat or flying squirrel.[3][1][2] This membrane of skin hung loosely between the creature's arms and legs,[3][1] from wrists to ankles.[2] When a hadozee raised his or her arms, the membrane stretched taut.[3]

Hadozee had a moderately stooped posture, so it was not obvious that they stood about five and a half to six feet tall when fully upright.[1] Some specimens could even reach seven feet in full, outstretched height.[3] Muscularly built, they usually weighed roughly between 200 and 250 pounds.[1]

Hadozee often wore harnesses or belts to hold their tools and weapons.[1]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Hadozee were nimble and dexterous, able to scale poles, ropes, trees, and most walls with ease.[3][1] They had excellent balance.[3][1] Their skills at climbing and balance made them especially suited for a life on sailing vessels of all kinds.[1]

When the arm-flaps were stretched tight, a hadozee could glide for limited distances, such as between the rigging of two different parts of a ship.[3][1]

Hadozee were naturally as intelligent as humans.[3][2]

Society[edit | edit source]

Hadozee were known as wanderers and sailors.[2]

Despite their superb skill as sailors, hadozee had no spelljamming capability of their own as a race and relied on being hired by other spacefaring races.[3]

Ecology[edit | edit source]

Hadozee reached adulthood earlier than humans but had similar lifespans.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

There was a long tradition of hadozee serving as spelljammer crewman or mercenaries for the elves of wildspace.[3]

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