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Haelimbrar was a Triadic knight and one of the Knights of Imphras II in 1374 DR.[1]


Haelimbrar was one of the Council of Lords, based in Laviguer. He was charged with securing the northern and western borders of the realm, but was often away on secret missions.[4][1]


Among his belongings were a +2 full plate, a +1 heavy steel shield and a pair of gauntlets of ogre power.[1]


In 1359 DR he disguised had joined the Twilight Riders of Damara in order to spy Gareth Dragonsbane.[2]

Haelimbrar performed a series of other missions in disguise for the Lords. In 1374 DR, he was disguised as the lost Imphras V, and posed as a squire at the court of Gareth Dragonsbane in Damara.[1]

After the crowning of King Imbrar II, Haelimbrar, alongside Simgar, was one of the few battle-hardened veterans of the kingdom. They cared little for diplomacy and power and rather focused on training the Warswords of Impiltur.[5]