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Haer'Dalis was a tiefling actor, planewalker, and a member of the planar faction known as the Doomguard during the mid–14th century DR.[1][2]

"In a blaze of trumpets, with wicked blades held high
thus came ye fates of chaos to let this sparrow fly!"
— Haer'Dalis


Haer'Dalis had an unsettling aura that made people from the Prime Material plane nervous.[1]


Beyond being a very talented actor Haer'Dalis was a quite skilled as fighting.[1]


Haer'Dalis viewed the worlds with the eyes of a poet. He was quite the flatterer and spoke of his allies and friends in the grandest of terms. Haer'Dalis often gave them nicknames them after species of birds he thought best suit them while referring to himself as 'sparrow'.[1]

Haer'Dalis believed that the entropic decay and annihilation of everything was not only inevitable but downright desirable. This was beyond here philosophy to the tiefling, as he thought and even felt the dynamic to be true.

He was also capable of intense emotion, much as he portrayed it on the stage. While he felt some things in life were important, he did not carry the same urgency "normal" people did. With little sadness he accepted that everything would pass and yield to entropy. As such, he was willing to fight to the death over a love he in no way believed would last.[1]


As a planewalker Haer'Dalis didn't live anywhere permanently, but most frequently returned to Sigil.[1]

He was a member of Raelis Shai's theater troupe, along with several other thespians.[1]


At some point Haer'Dalis troupe performed a new play called A Comedy of Terrors in the city of Sigil. The play was quite critical of the factol of the Fated, Duke Rowan Darkwood. Although it was penned by Raelis herself, she played it off as someone else's fictional work. The duke was less than pleased and dispatched a number of bounty hunters to ensure their capture. The actors would be held in a planar prison for some time, before being transported to the Duke's tower.[1]

In the Year of the Gauntlet, 1369 DR Haer'Dalis attempted to steal a portal gem from the elven mage Mekrath in order to allow his group to better travel from Toril through the Astral Plane. Unfortunately he was caught and enslaved by Mekrath as punishment.[1]

Raelis Shai and the rest of the troupe hired Biff to fill in for Haer'Dalis to continue their performances at the Five Flagons in Athkatla. The less talented actor was ill–suited for the role.[1]

Meanwhile, Raelis and her friend Quayle searched after adventurers who were capable of freeing the actor.[1]



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