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Hairy spiders were a variety of subterranean spider, although they could be found on the surface as well. They were favored by drow wizards as familiars.[1]


Hairy spiders were about the size of a human hand. Despite their size, they were strong enough to carry small items,[1] and so were sometimes entrusted with small treasures by wizards using them as familiars.[2] They were hairy and black.[1]

About 40% of hairy spiders had the innate ability to detect invisible creatures.[2]


Hairy spiders were viscous hunters.[2] They could not spin webs, but they could climb on the webs of other spiders.[1]


Hairy spiders swarmed on their target—sometimes as many as forty would cover the body of a single humanoid[2]—infecting them with their poisonous bites and tearing out chunks of flesh.[1] They were unafraid of fire and were remarkably difficult to crush or throw off, and so had to be individually plucked off or struck once they latched onto a target.[2]

The poison of a hairy spider was not very potent, but could leave a victim feeling sluggish and slow. Hairy spiders themselves were immune to all known spider venoms.[2]



Hairy spiders could be found in any non-arctic environment,[2] but often dwelt in and around drow settlements in the Underdark, as well as in jungles, tombs, and caverns.[1] They could be found haunting ruins on the surface.[3]



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