Halander Hardingdale, also known as Ratshadow, was a young halfling from Baldur's Gate. Due to some trouble with certain associates, he and is family had to flee to Waterdeep. While there he joined the Zhentarim, who relocated him to Ten Towns.[1]


Born Halander Hardingdale, "Ratshadow" gained his moniker as a youth by "shadowing" the Rivington Rats gang. He made certain contacts within other gangs which brought down the wrath of the Rivington Rats. He evacuated his mother and sisters to Waterdeep where he later joined them. However before leaving his hideaway in the Undercellers of Baldur's Gate, he stole a magic pouch from the kingpin known as the Fetcher.

Reuniting his family in Waterdeep, Ratshadow joined the Zhentarim as a front man. They felt his skill at making contacts could be used elsewhere and sent him North to Ten Towns to help establish the Black Network as a regional power.[1]



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