Halarahh was the capital of Halruaa prior to the Spellplague. [1]


The city was made of pink coral houses; towers of white, blue, or green marble; and streets cobbled in semiprecious stone and fanciful fountains filled the air with fresh splash and bubble.[5]


The Spellplague ravished Halarahh along with the rest of Halruaa in 1385 DR. As of 1479 DR, the city's buildings were mere shells and blue fire wafted through the city. In the center of Halarahh sat a huge tree-like entity which may have been sentient.[4]

Places of interestEdit

The Promenade

On the city wall was a broad avenue, called the Promenade. There the fashionable people of Halarahh came to stroll, to meet, and to be seen.[6]

Kholstar's Keep

Prior to the Spellplague, Kholstar was Halarahh's master keeper of behirs. He was also a talented generalist wizard and specialized in breeding magical creatures. His wife was the city's premier matchmaker and they shared a library full of secrets in breeding of the most formidable, be it uniquely colored behir, or about one of the mighty wizards and his or her family affairs and lineage.[7]


The Ilysium was a vast pink marble building in Halarahh that housed the offices of the city's officials.[8]




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