Halarglautha, also called "Firewings", was a female great wyrm red dragon that once laired in Dragon Falls, the Vast. She was slain by adventurers.[1][3][2]


Although higher and more defensible peaks were available in the nearby Troll Mountains, Halarglautha made her lair in the waterfall that came to be named for her, Dragon Falls. Locals theorized that she knew of gold-filled dwarven storage-caverns beneath a neighboring crag, and planned to one day have smaller creatures retrieve the gold for her, either by deceit, bribery or outright bullying.[1] [note 1]

Halarglautha went on to rampage across the lands of the Vast south of the River Vesper,[3] particularly along the Fire River. The flaming destruction she inflicted on dwarf, human and orc settlements here apparently gave the Fire River its name.[1] Halarglautha was also suspected to have burned down the old hollow oak of Dead Tree Hollow, forcing out the druid who'd lived in it.[1] She lived long enough to become a great wyrm.[2]

The reign of terror was finally ended when Halarglautha was slain by the spells of a band of human adventurers, including Keldar of the Forest. Her lair was destroyed, along with much of her treasure.

However, plenty of treasure remained and the survivors took possession of the dragon's hoard of coins. With it, they built a stronghold near the site of her old lair, with the village of Dragon Falls growing around it.[3][1] They divided the loot up down four generations, and by 1370 DR the treasure had all been spent, bar rumors of more hidden away.[1]


Halarglautha Firewings was known to be a powerful and terrifying dragon.[3][1]



  1. The Troll Mountains are actually on the far side of the Vast from Dragon Falls, which instead sits almost at the foot of the Earthfast Mountains, suggesting that this mountain range was intended.


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