Halatathlaer was an old copper dragon that dwelled in Dragonspear Castle during his later years. He was the trusted companion and dear friend of the half–dwarf adventurer Daeros Dragonspear.[1][3]


Halatathlaer first met Daeros Dragonspear when the adventurer rescued him from some long-forgotten danger. The two became fast friends and spent much of their time flying over the High Moor, with Daeros riding atop Halatathlaer, ridding the land of monstrous creatures.[1]

Halatathlaer had four wyrmlings that he never met, as they hatched after his death.[3]


As of the mid–13th century DR, Halatathlaer was quite aged and weary of defending his lair. However he didn't quite have it in him to relocate. As a gesture of camaraderie and fellowship, Daeros decided to retire and had his new home, Dragonspear Castle, built atop his friend's lair. Construction was completed in the Year of the Raging Flame, 1255 DR.[1][5]


Some time later, in the Year of the Whelm, 1290 DR, Ithtaerus Casalia concocted a plan to steal Halatathlaer's hoard,[1][4] along with the clutch of eggs within his nest.[3] Ithtaerus used magic to place Halatathlaer into a deep sleep and teleported him away.[1]

He then created a gate to Avernus, and used an false vision that convinced Daeros Dragonspear that passage through was the only way to rescue Halatathlaer from where he was being held. Daeros ran headfirst through the gate, which instantly slew him and activated the passageway that allowed fiends from the Nine Hells to pour out into Faerûn.[1] After transporting the dragon back to the castle, Ithtaerus summoned three young, malevolent dragons to savagely murder the sleeping Halatathlaer.[6][4]

Some time during the chaos, Ithtaerus stole Halatathlaer's wealth[1] and his clutch of eggs. He imprisoned the dragon's eggs in a small cave on the bank of the Nepenthe River, with the aim of using the wyrmlings for his necromantic experiments. Unfortunately for the baby dragons, they lived their entire lives within the small cavern. Their growth became stunted and their minds warped from near-starvation and lack of stimuli.[3]


Sometime over the next half-century, the spirit of Halatathlaer became bound to the dwarven realm of Kanaglym. It was controlled by yet another necromancer, Kerriun, and his cabal of mages.[3]



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  1. While Dragons of Faerûn states that Halatathlaer is male, the dragon is given a female voice in Baldur's Gate: Siege of Dragonspear.


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