Halcaunt was the paladin leader of the Brotherhood of Skuld in Mulhorand in 1357 DR.[1]


Halcaunt was the most formidable opponent of the faith of Set.[1]


Halcaunt always advised Pharaoh Akonhorus II and his servants of the threat of Set. After the death of the pharaoh proved he him right, Halcaunt insisted on his crusade with more zeal and formed the Brotherhood of Skuld with his most loyal supporters.[1]


Halcaunt was a grim and overly serious individual, a fanatic driven in his crusade to purge the cult of Set from Mulhorand.[1]


Halcaunt had a number of supporters inside the brotherhood, the most powerful being the wizard Urius. However, the clergy of Osiris saw him as a embarrassing fanatic.[1]



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