Haldos's Fine Butchery was a shop located in the city of Wheloon in Cormyr, near the center of the city. It was a butchery and was owned by Haldos.[1][2]


The butchery was in business by 1358 DR[2] and still in business in 1369 DR.[1]

Famed traveler Volothamp Geddarm wrote about the business in Volo's Guide to Cormyr.[1]


Haldos's Fine Butchery consisted of a shop, stockyards, and slaughterhouse, which all lay in the center of the city to the irritation of its neighbors. The sounds of animals, slaughter, and butchery were an annoyance to all.[1]


Haldos was a butcher, selling meat to his customers. He was one of the few who could slaughter a beast on the spot and provide the freshest possible meat, without being smoked and hung. This was valued by particular cooks, as well as alchemists, priests, and wizards, who required fresh meat for other purposes.[1]



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