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A half-dragon was a cross between a dragon and another unrelated creature.[2]


Most half-dragons were slightly bigger than their non-dragon parent and displayed features of their dragon parent.


A half-dragon had the ability to use the breath weapon of its dragon half, though it was not as potent and could not be used as frequently. Half-dragons had low-light vision and darkvision. They also had tinted skin or scales that were of the same color as their dragon parent. Due to their increased size and strength from the dragon side, they were skilled at becoming fighters or barbarians, but many of them decided to be wizards or sorcerers, owing to their draconic lineage.[2]

All half-dragons were immune to sleep and paralysis effects. They also had an additional immunity based of which dragon type they were related to.[2]


Blue half-dragon hobgoblins were the first generation result of mating between the dragons of Morueme and their hobgoblin allies.[3]

Notable half-dragonsEdit