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A half-dragon was a cross between a dragon and another unrelated creature.[2]


Most half-dragons were slightly bigger than their non-dragon parent and displayed features of their dragon parent. These draconic features could be as subtle as serpentine slit pupils, or so prominent that the subject appeared like a dragonborn with wings and tail, their other half virtually undetectable.[citation needed]


A half-dragon had the ability to use the breath weapon of its dragon half, though it was not as potent and could not be used as frequently. Half-dragons had low-light vision and darkvision. They also had tinted skin or scales that were of the same color as their dragon parent and helped protect from physical attacks.[2]

All half-dragons were immune to sleep and paralysis effects. They also had an additional immunity based of which dragon type they were related to.[2]


Blue half-dragon hobgoblins were the first generation result of mating between the dragons of Morueme and their hobgoblin allies.[4]

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  1. These statistics refer only to half-bronze, half-gold and half-silver dragons.



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