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A half-drow was a descendant of both human and drow ancestries. A half-drow generally had dusky skin, silver or white hair, and human eye colors. They could see around 60 feet (18 m) with darkvision, but otherwise had no other known drow traits or abilities.[6]


Half-drow were most commonly encountered in Dambrath and in the Underdark. House Ousstyl, in particular, was known for having mated with humans.[2]

Many good aligned half-drow, particularly those of Aglarond, worshiped Eilistraee. Some other half-elves in these regions also began to worship the Dancing Goddess, even though they had no drow blood.[7]


Half-drow were often conceived when drow raped humans, which were often their slaves.[7] However, half-drow could also be the product of consenting parents, especially from male drow who had escaped the Underdark, and their female human spouses.[8][9]

Xandra Shobalar encountered a merchant in Mantol-Derith, ostensibly human, who was in fact half-drow. Perhaps indicative of the drow view of such things, she found his suspected nature to be appalling.[10]

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Dungeon #20: "The Ship of Night"
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The Vampire of Skullport

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