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Half-fiends were the hybrid offspring of a fiend and another creature.[1]

Types of Half-fiends[]

Some of the more numerous, powerful, or otherwise prominent varieties of half-fiends include:

  • Cambion: A general term used to refer to the result of the breeding of a fiend (normally a devil) and a human woman. They had the general appearance of humans, but with the addition of differing fiendish traits.
  • Alu-fiend: A specific term used for the offspring of a succubus demon and a mortal male. Alu-fiends tended to be very attractive in appearance, but with small, bat-like wings and sharp teeth.
  • Draegloth: A very specific variety of half-fiends, draegloths were the offspring of drow females and glabrezu demons. Draegloths were tall (7–8 ft), with the obsidian skin and white hair of drow but a somewhat hound-like head, four arms like a glabrezu (the larger, upper pair ended in huge claws), and a mane of hair covering their backs and shoulders.
  • Durzagon: Durzagon were the result of the union between a duergar and a devil. They were often revered by other duergar as great leaders.

Notable Half-fiends[]