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Half-ogres were the offspring of a human and an ogre.[4][2][note 1]


Half-ogres had a height somewhere between that of a human and an ogre and taller than a half-orc,[2] often between seven and eight feet (210 and 240 centimeters).[4] They usually weighed between 315 and 425 pounds (143 and 193 kilograms).[4]

A half-ogre's skin tone ranged from pale yellow to dull brown[4][2] or even gray or black.[4] Their thick skin was often covered in warts,[2][3] and they had dark hair.[4][2]


Half-ogres were not very intelligent, and they typically were greatly lacking in self-control. They tended to enjoy the simple pleasures of life—eating, drinking, and partying.[2]

Many half-ogres worship Vaprak, the god of ogres.[2]

It should be noted that their chaotic alignment was not compulsory for all. Arzastra, a female half-ogre in Xanathar's keep was lawful good, for example.[5]


Half-ogres were generally thought of as large, strong, and stupid among human civilizations, but considered exactly the opposite way by ogre tribes.[3] They were especially not trusted by dwarves or gnomes, because of their ancestry.[2]

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  1. The term "half-ogre" was sometimes used in a more broad sense to include other ogre–humanoid crossings, such as ogrillons, but this article is specifically about the ogre–human pairing.




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