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A half–sea elf was the offspring of one human parent and one sea elf parent.[1][6]


A half–sea elf generally had a skin tone similar to their human parent's, but with a light tint of blue[3][4] or green.[1][4] They had human-like hair with shades of blue or green and human eye colors.[1] Between their toes[4] and fingers was a thin membrane webbing, which made them great swimmers.[1][4] Those that came from the Great Sea also sported gills.[4]


They often seemed distant or absent, as if they were listening to or imagining the sound of the sea. They also had a dreamy personality without developing any bitter behavior.[1]


Half-sea elves could see in low-light conditions thanks to their low-light vision,[1] though their submerged eyesight was only half as effective as true sea elves. They could breath both air and water. And due to their human makeup, they could withstand greater depths.[6]

If a half-sea elf did not grow up in an underwater environment, it took them roughly a month to fully acclimate to aquatic life.[6]


Half–sea elves were most commonly encountered in coastal lands or along rivers. Even if they were not able to breathe underwater, they always felt a strong attraction toward the sea.[1]

They were forced by their abilities to stay with their human parent and were cut off from their elven family.[1]


Though rare, half-sea elves could typically be found in the western shore communities of Amn, Calimshan, Lantan, Tethyr, Waterdeep, the Sword Coast, and the Moonshae Isles.[7] Near Waterdeep they could be found in the sea elf villages of Tharqualnaar and T'Quession.[8] They could also at times be found operating in the Great Sea as merchants.[4]


A number of half-sea elves were members of the Church of Deep Sashelas.[9]


Half–sea elves didn't have a proper history as there were not enough of them to build communities. A half–sea elf would be unlikely to meet someone of their own species during their entire life.[1] By 1370 DR, half-sea elves could be found in Serôs, though they were comparatively rarer than malenti.[6]

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