The Halfaxe Trail was a footpath through the forest of Cormanthor, began around the 1180s DR. It was built by Durl Halfaxe and a force of human workers, under the command of Halvan the Dark, who was the ruler of Harrowdale at the time. Its construction was an attempt by Halvan the Dark to prevent losing trade from the west of Harrowdale and from the Moonsea Ride, as it would have connected Harrowdale Town with this major road.[2][1]

To avoid ambushes by the elves who inhabited the forest of Cormanthor, who were opposed to the construction, Durl Halfaxe ordered that trees were cleared to a width of one mile, far wider than would have been necessary to complete the road. This was in defiance of an earlier agreement made between the people of the Dalelands and the elves of Cormanthor.[2]

Although the elves raised an army in an attempt to stop the road's construction, the opposing army's numbers, and use of "dark magic", were enough to overcome the elven forces and the construction continued.[2]

Durl Halfaxe commanded his workers to continue cutting trees to the west of the route, in an attempt to reach the famous Myth Drannor, and unearth treasure that would make him, and his commander, Halvan the Dark, extraordinarily wealthy. However, the elves were able to raise powerful magics from the ruins of Myth Drannor, and Halvan the Dark, Durl Halfaxe, and the entire force of workers were all slain.[2]

In the time between the end of construction and 1368 DR, the forest grew back, covering most of the exposed area, but the path, around 1368 DR, was still passable as a footpath, and well used by traders. The elves, by this time, had come to accept and even welcome the trade provided by this route.[2]



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