Fools! Mystra will avenge the wrong you do to her!
  — Halish

Halish was a male Calishite human cleric of Mystra in the mid–14th century DR.[1]


In the Year of Lightning Storms, 1374 DR, Halish among a group of people who visited the Temple of Mystra in Wheloon in Cormyr. There, he partook in the three-day-long ritual of Mystra's Sacred Trust that the priests there were pushing, alongside eleven others: Durgen Glintstone, Kareem Hastith, Smote, Tholwick Styles, Dava, Mendios, Zephan, Veera Wavecrest, Duncan, Kenniwick, and Amnic Basult.[2]

In the end, Starweaver Deinyn Fembrys dominated all of them with the Starry Gnosis, abducting them as part of a secret Sharran plot.[2] Beneath the temple, the Sharrans sent Halish through the Shadow Gate, a failed portal to the Plane of Shadow. He survived the process, but was transformed into a creature of shadow himself.[1]

Following instructions, Halish was among those put on Mhair's boat across the Wyvernflow, before journeying overland to the Vast Swamp and the Lost Refuge within.[2] Still dominated, Halish and the three apprentices Dava, Mendios, and Zephan were left to wait in the so-called Rooms of Waiting before they were sent through the Dusk Lord's Passage to the Plane of Shadow. When adventurers tracked them down and came to disrupt the Sharran plot, Halish and the apprentices would try to defend the Sharrans and fight the heroes in the name of Mystra, until at last their minds were freed from the deceitful grip of the Starry Gnosis.[1]


Once a day, for some ten minutes Halish could call upon a shadow mantle, making him a dark creature, partially of shadow. In this state, he was able to see in the dark, could move swiftly, was highly resistant even to intense cold, and could move stealthily, even able to disappear into the shadows whilst observed. This made his skin appear gray and he was shrouded in shadows.[1]

In battle, Halish preferred melee combat with his morningstar, but was intelligent and tactical in his use of divine spells.[1]


Halish was equipped with banded mail, a light steel shield, and a morningstar, all of masterwork craftsmanship, as well as a light crossbow and bolts. He also owned a cloak of resistance +1 and a silver holy symbol of Mystra, as well as a scroll of bull's strength, a scroll of dispel magic, and a potion of cure light wounds.[1]



Halish is presented as an NPC in Cormyr: The Tearing of the Weave, but the module suggests that if a PC has died, then a liberated Halish could serve as a replacement PC.


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