The Halls of Morning Light, more commonly known as Rosegirt Halls, was a beautifully designed temple of Lathander, located within the Temple District of Ravens Bluff during the 14th century DR.[1] It was among the busiest and most popular holy places within the city, full of merchants seeking favor with the Morninglord.[2]


The Morning Light was a magnificent and imposing sight. The ground and lower floors of the pink stone temple were smaller, but became larger as it ascended into the sky. The buttressed upper stories flared out, before coming into twin spires and a central dome. The glass panels of the dome were divided into specific, asymmetrical facets that would illuminate different chambers within when they caught sunlight at the right time of day, month, and year.[1]


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As they served the god of renewal and new beginnings, the Ravenian clergy of Lathander offered their services to bless new buildings of commerce within the city; the quality of which was dependent on the patron's donation to the temple. Whether it was a new establishment being built, renovations after damage or a disaster, or just simple redecorating, these "mornblessings" were commonly requested throughout the Bluff. Any business that offered attractive, innovative, or otherwise positive goods or services could readily bring in as much as five times their investment from patronage of local Lathanderites.[2]


The temple was built over the ruins of an old mansion called Rosegirt House that had previously served as a house of worship for the city's worshipers of Lathander.[2]



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