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Hallucinatory terrain was an illusion spell that made one type of terrain look like another for a few hours.[3][6][7][13]


This spell worked on natural terrain and areas with roads. A field could be made to look, sound, and smell like a swamp. A swamp could be covered with the illusion of a badlands, a badlands could look like rolling grassy hills, a hill like a cliff, a cliff like a gentle slope, a crevasse like a mountain pass, a road like a washed-out gully, and so on. Structures and creatures within the area were not hidden or their appearance altered, so an illusion that took this into account was more believable. The more subtle the change, like making a forest appear denser and darker, or increasing the slope of a hill, the less likely those in the area of effect would notice the change. Extreme changes, like a grassy field over a lake, were easily noticed as soon as person interacted with the scenery and fell victim to it.[3][6][7][13]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required a stone, a twig, and a blade of grass or piece of a green plant.[3][6][7][13]


The spell was attributed to Netherese arcanist Toscudlo in −1544 DR and was originally called Toscudlo's hallucinatory terrain.[1]


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