Halruaan (sometimes spelled Halruan[1]) was a regional language of South Faerûn and the official language of the magocracy of Halruaa[1] and the island of Nimbral.[2]

Speakers[edit | edit source]

Descendants of the Netheril Empire, the people of Halruaa spoke a language that evolved from ancient Netherese.[3][4] Other places Halruaan was commonly spoken included the Channath Vale, Dambrath, the Golden Water, Lapaliiya, Luiren, Nimbral, and the Shaar.[5] Among nonhuman races, strongheart halflings also sometimes spoke this language.[6]

Script[edit | edit source]

Literate speakers of Halruaan used the Draconic alphabet,[2] as their ancestors did with Netherese and Loross.[4]

Related languages[edit | edit source]

Halruaan was essentially a modern dialect of ancient Netherese.[3][4] It was part of the Ulou language family. Halruaan was in the same linguistic family as Ruathlek, the secret language of Nimbral illusionists of Leira.[7]

Examples[edit | edit source]

Common Halruaan surnames included Avhoste, Darants, Gedreghost, Maurmeril, Stamaraster, and Zorastryl. Common female names included Aithe, Alaethe, Chalan, Oloma, Phaele, Sarade, and Vosthyl. Typical male names might be Aldym, Chand, Hostegym, Meleghost, Presmer, Sandrue, Tethost, or Uregaunt.[8]

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