Halvan's Keep was a keep in Harrowdale, once occupied by Halvan the Dark, the original lord of Harrowdale (then called Halvan's Dale).[1]


It was described as an old, rambling manor house enclosed by newer walls, and the origin of the manor house is therefore not known.[1]


After the fall of Halvan the Dark, the Council of Seven Burghers came to power, and instigated a 50 gp per head fine on anyone found entering or leaving the keep, in an attempt to keep vandalism and looting under control.[1]

Around 1338 DR, adventurers entered the old keep and unleashed a guardian creature that began a fight, and an ensuing fire. The fire blackened the keep and left it without a roof, as well as uncovering rooms that previously lay secret, as well as entry to the dungeons, which were found to be occupied by wraiths, believed to be undead incarnations of those locked in the dungeons when the keep was occupied.[1]

The keep was utilized by a number of organizations since its demise as Halvan's main residence, including followers of Loviatar and a cabal of smugglers. An attempt to access the keep was made around 1368 DR by the Company of the Werebat, but seven of its eleven members died there.[2]

Accounts of the monsters present at the keep around 1368 DR included beholders, deepspawn, displacer beasts, feyrs, giant centipedes, kobolds, mimics, minotaurs, mongrelmen, and trolls, as well as the aforementioned wraiths.[2]



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