A hamadryad was an extremely rare creature that lived in secluded forests.[1][2][3][4]

At one with nature, they can be as calm as the autumn sunset one moment and as violent as a thunderstorm the next.[3]


These highly intelligent fey considered themselves the protectors of nature, aided woodland creatures and promoted peace within forested areas. Hamadryads belonged to specific oak trees, which were very old and large, but unlike dryads, were free to leave the trees' immediate areas. The tree spirits[5] took the forms of attractive human or elf females, but with green eyes and hair.[1][2][4]

Hamadryads were not carnivorous, omnivorous, or even herbivorous. Instead, they were very much like plants, only requiring nourishment from their hair (which contained chlorophyll, hence the color) and water. If hamadryads found themselves imprisoned in darkness, or had their hair cut off, they would die of malnutrition.[1][2][4]


Hamadryads were polite and kind to those who respected their woodland homes. They rarely spoke directly with the goodly races, such as humans.[1][2]

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A hamadryad entrances a group of goblinoids.


Being proficient spellcasters, the creatures generally fought with an array of spells. They used mind- and nature-based spells, such as charm person, speak with plants, animal friendship, and entangle. Hamadryads were also skilled with short weapons, such as daggers, but much preferred to use their magical abilities. They combined these abilities with dimension door to hop between trees, confusing their foes.[1][2][4]


Much of the existence of hamadryads revolved around forest environments and the species within. They could speak several languages to communicate with other creatures, such as treants and ordinary dryads. Due to their commitment to their home and their corresponding oak, they very seldom journeyed elsewhere. Those who did not respect the forest, such as lumberjacks, found themselves charmed by the fey creatures, who made them perform some sort of service to their woodland homes.[1][2][4]

They were known to dwell in several places in Faerûn, including the Cloakwood,[6] Sembia, Cormyr, and the Dales.[7] Many hamadryads were worshipers of the gods of the Seelie Court or the Seldarine, such as the elven deity Corellon, but some came to the call of Sheela Peryroyl or other deities.[8]

Rumors & LegendsEdit

It was said that a hamadryad's touch could cure nilbogism.[4]



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