Hamatulas (pronounced: /hɑːmɑːˈləzhah-mah-CHOO-luhz[7]), also called barbed devils, were the guardians of the Nine Hells, entrusted with important duties such as defending infernal fortresses or prisons, guarding vaults, and serving as bodyguards to the most powerful denizens of the Nine Hells.[4]


As their name implied, a barbed devil was covered in a mass of sharp barbs. Their hands ended in long, razor-sharp claws. A barbed devil was about 7 feet (2.1 meters) tall and weighed about 300 pounds (140 kilograms). Barbed devils were constantly alert and were not easily surprised.[4][2]


Hamatulas were extremely greedy creatures. They were constantly on the lookout for objects or creatures of which they could claim ownership.[2]


Barbed devils tended to prefer to use their claws and barbs as weapons.[5][3] They were also able to hurl flames at their opponents.[2] Their signature attack was to grab an opponent and pull them into a hug, using the barbs that covered their body as a vicious weapon.[5]

A hamatula was able to cast at will affect normal fires, hold person, produce flame, and pyrotechnics. They could cast gate once per day.[5]


Hamatulas were typically employed to serve as guards throughout the middle layers of the Nine Hells. They were most commonly encountered in Phlegethos, Malbolge, and Maladomini.[3] To gain favor of higher-ranking baatezu, they were zealous in their duties as patrol troops. Gazra had an army of 5,000 hamatula in Phlegethos, and even his personal bodyguard comprised twenty elite hamatula soldiers. Hamatula were solitary in nature, and only worked as a group when compelled to by a stronger baatezu.[5]

Unlike other demons, hamatulas could not freely traverse between different layers of the Hells. It was speculated that this limitation was purposeful, in order to prevent them from wandering too far away from their guard assignments.[5]


They possessed glands behind their ears that secreted a hallucinogenic substance. It was most commonly used by greater devils as a torture and interrogation tool, but rumors existed that large quantities of the secretion could produce powerful potions of illusion.[5]






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