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Hamayarch was the title of a mage-advisor and assistant to the Thultyrl, or ruler, of the city of Procampur in the Vast,[1][2] and the leader of the city's mages.[3]


The Hamayarch served as a mage-advisor and assistant to the Thultyrl,[1][2] and was meant to be very loyal to their ruler and operated with their blessing.[1][3] It was said that behind every Thultyrl stood a Hamayarch.[3]

This post was traditionally taken by a mage weaker than the Thultyrl,[1] and was the highest-ranking wizard in the court. The Hamayarch governed and regulated the magic-users of Procampur.[3]


By the mid–13th century DR, three generations of Thultyrls had been served by the Pearl as their Hamayarch. In this position, she strictly regulated Procampur's magic-users, and largely discouraged the practice of magic.[3]

In the Year of Burning Steel, 1246 DR,[note 1] the current Thultyrl chose to liberate the neighboring city of Tsurlagol from a horde of orcs, goblinoids, and other marauders, led by the orc warlord Fottergrim. However, the Pearl believed that the Thultyrl was destined to die young, at the age of 26 and early in his reign, in battle against Fottergrim before the walls of Tsurlagol. Instead, he was wounded on his hunting trip (an event perhaps orchestrated by the Pearl). The Pearl secretly prevented his wounds from healing to keep him away from the front-lines and Fottergrim, believing that he would go on to become a good king and complete the Great Codex of Procampur's laws. Tsurlagol was liberated regardless.[3]

In the mid-to-late 14th century DR, the Hamayarch of Procampur was Alamondh, who was in truth an evil mage named Carthoun Misintle with desires on the throne. Alamondh plotted to kill the Thultyrl, Rendeth of the Royal Blood, and take his place under a magical disguise, but was forced to wait until Rendeth produced an heir with the family's distinctive appearance.[1] Despite the Thultyrl's traditional vow of vengeance on pirates, Alamondh encouraged Rendeth to relax the city's stance on piracy, showing leniency and conciliation. A few pirates were even allowed to use Procampur's port, provided that their crimes were not too great and no Procampan captain accused them of anything.[4]



  1. The novel Crypt of the Moaning Diamond is undated because of editing error, according to author Rosemary Jones. She has stated that it's meant to be set in 1246 DR, confirming here that it was "Definitely 1246 because the invasion that started Crypt didn't match the « current » setting. So I carefully worked out the « when » that went with the « what » and the « who »." Thus, this wiki adopts the 1246 DR date.