The Hammers of Moradin were an order of dwarven warrior-priests, dedicated to Moradin, who served as the aggressive defenders of Citadel Adbar. They fought with the righteous fury of the All-Father,[1] channeling their faith into unique feats of combat.[2]


Rather than simply defend the walls of the citadel, work left to the regular army of the Iron Guard, the Hammers actively sought the dwarves' enemies, namely goblinoids, drow elves and evil giants, and destroyed them within their respective realms.[1]

Often times, the Hammers were aided by the order of explorers of the Underdark, the Deepscouts.[citation needed]


The organization drew in paladins, clerics and other divine spellcasters from around the Spine of the World who venerated the Soul Forger.[1]

Ex-Hammers of MoradinEdit

Those dwarves who betrayed either Citadel Adbar or the Hammers of Moradin lost the powers they were granted from Moradin. If they truly atoned for their actions, they would regain their abilities.[3]


A Hammer of Moradin had a number of unique abilities, which improved the more experienced they had serving within the order. They had an inherent resistance towards attacks, could seldom be knocked over and exuded an aura of courage and could throw their warhammers with enough skill that it struck a number of enemies before returning to them.[2]

They were particularly skilled at killing the dwarves' natural racial enemies and could improve their weapons with a number of different bane enhancements.[2]

The most experienced Hammers of Moradin were personally blessed by the dwarven deity, allowing them to travel through stone by means of the Elemental Plane of Earth.[3] The attacks of these mighty warriors completely bypassed the armor of their foes.[2]



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