A hammership was a large, powerful, and resilient shark-shaped spelljammer ship typically associated with humans.[1]


The forward section of a hammership was its most protected location. It was usually where the spelljamming helm was found. The "eyes" were usually made of glass or metal under a glassteel spell. Its rear section was equipped with weapons that could aim in any direction.[1]

The ship required a minimum crew of 24 creatures and could support a maximum compliment of 60 creatures without compromising its air supply.[1]

Hammerships were commonly employed as trading ships due to their large cargo capacity. Trading hammerships were frequently employed by humans and lizardfolk, but occasionally an unaligned mind flayer trader crew might also use a hammership to conduct trade, since using a nautiloid would immediately attract enemy fire. Despite being heavy and slow, they also performed well when used for military purposes, in particular by elven crews.[1]


The design of the hammership remained unchanged for millennia. Even the oldest ships encountered resembled the ones still under construction in Arcane drydocks.[1]

The legendary pirate Bloodjack of Realmspace commanded a red hammership called Lucky Victory, known for a career spanning over a decade in the mid-14th century DR.[1]



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