Hamminas Dorn was the Lord Speaker of the Council of Tarmalune as of 1479 DR. He was popular among the goodhearted citizens of Tarmalune because of his honesty and his endless fight against corrupt merchants, criminal gangs, and smugglers in his city.[1][2]


Hamminas Dorn was a tall, gaunt, weathered human with flashing eyes and bristling brows. He was considered as a charismatic leader among the citizens of Tarmalune.[2]


Hamminas Dorn was the Lord Speaker of the Council of Tarmalune, the leader of the councilors. Because of his position as Lord Speaker, he was the de facto mayor of the city. He was also the leader of Tarmalune's police force, the Vigilant.[2]

While he was popular among honest traders and citizens who were grateful for his compromises towards law and peace, Hamminas faced a strong opposition among corrupt merchants and other citizens whose interests were thwarted by Hamminas's efforts to rout evil from Tarmalune.[1] However, even his opposition grudgingly regarded him as both competent and vitally necessary for the success of the city,[2] and some of his opposition didn't act against him because they believed that harming him was equivalent to harming Tarmalune's prosperity.[3] Among his most fierce opposition was Rathgar Malynd, a mercenary captain who led the Battle Hound mercenary company.[1]

Because of his many detractors, Hamminas had trained many Vigilants who earned his trust to replace him as Lord Speaker if necessary.[2]


In his youth, Hamminas was an adventurer. He gained the trust and friendship of powerful and influential merchants from Tarmalune, and when he retired from adventuring they backed up his claim to become the leader of the Council. After that, he founded a police force to protect the city, the Vigilant.[2]


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