Hamun Kost was a Red Wizard of Thay of the late 15th century who specialized in necromancy.[1]


Kost had pale, yellowing skin, and was rather plump. His sallow face was covered with a black, necromantic tattoo, and he wore a red robe.[1]


The necromancer did not resort to aggression unless agreements could not be made.[1]


Hamun Kost owned several pieces of silver, electrum, gold, and platinum, as well as a pearl. He also kept a scroll of darkness in a bone scroll case, and a ring of protection in a jeweled box.[1]


Circa 1491 DR, Kost traveled to Old Owl Well to seek out ancient Netherese magic and anything associated with it. He set up camp and his writing desk, and planned to stay here for some time. The necromancer set up camp and summoned twelve zombies to protect him during his search. He came across a Netherese ring of protection, and other items.[1]



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