Hand of Torm was a divine evocation spell that created a gigantic, non-corporeal field that resembled the gauntleted hand of the deity Torm. This insubstantial force appeared to cup itself over a given area, protecting it from those who were not devout followers of the Loyal Fury.[2]


This spell functioned similarly to wyvern watch, but took the form of a hand armored in a plate mail glove rather than a wyvern. The translucent, shimmering hand cupped itself to cover an area 24' (7.3 m) in diameter, an effect that was readily visible to anyone nearby.[2]

Any person or creature deemed as an "intruder", those not carrying an object with Torm's holy symbol, felt solid resistance when they attempted to pass through the barrier formed by the cupped hand. While it was difficult, it was possible for interlopers to force their way through. If they failed, the intruder was temporarily paralyzed; if they succeeded, they moved through the field at a much slower rate and were painfully constricted and squeezed by the Hand of Torm. While it appeared to onlookers that the fingers of the hand were wrapping around the individual and crushing them in its grasp, multiple beings could be impeded in this manner while the hand was in effect.[2]

The effects of the spell lasted for a number of hours, depending on the skill and experience of the caster. It could be readily dispelled by any appropriate magic.[2]


This spell was developed long before the 14th century DR by priests of Torm. It was often used to defend sacred areas, such as the treasure chambers beneath the Temple of Torm's Coming in the city of Tantras.[2]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required the holy symbol of a priest of Torm. With specific preparations, and the use of other spells, Hand of Torm could be cast in such a manner that it only appeared when other conditions were met.[2]



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