A handaxe is a light, martial melee weapon of the axe family.[2]


The handaxe is similar to a hatchet in size and shape. The haft is usually made of wood or sometimes metal and is about a foot and a half long (45cm).[3] The blade is single-edged and the back side may be unadorned, spiked, or have a peen. Handaxes are heavier than throwing axes and not balanced for throwing. An average handaxe costs 6gp and weighs 3lbs (1.4kg).[4]



A handaxe

Classified as a light weapon, the handaxe can be used while grappling. Some training is required to use the handaxe as an off-hand weapon in conjunction with another weapon, therefore it is considered a martial weapon.[5] For the ranged version of this weapon, see throwing axe.


Dwarves favor the handaxe as an off-hand weapon.[6]

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