The hands of Takkok were a set of gauntlets of ogre power that had been crafted from the actual severed hands of the ogre Takkok.[1]


When worn, the hands of Takkok granted an individual incredible strength, comparable to that of an ogre.[1]


The gauntlets were crafted by a mysterious, unnamed man who once encountered Takkok when he was traversing the Spine of the World mountains. When the man was assaulted by Takkok, he bested the ogre, severed his hands, and used their skin for his new gauntlets.[1]

At some point before the Year of the Banner, 1368 DR, the hands came into the possession of Desreta a devout worshiper of the primordial known as entropy.[1] By the following year, they had been acquired by a cannibalistic halfling from the planet of Athas, who had been detained by Lavok Corthala and imprisoned within his Planar Sphere.[2]



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