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Hank, or the Ranger, was a ranger and an adventurer from Earth and the Realm (no relation). He was a companion of the monk Diana, the barbarian Bobby, the fighter Eric, the wizard Presto, and the rogue Sheila.[3][2]


Hank was reliable and had good self-discipline. Being the oldest member of the band, he naturally took a leadership role because his friends respected his judgment, without him being bossy or arrogant. He feared that if he lost their respect, he would lose their friendship too.[3]


Hank fought with an energy bow that fired bolts of energy[3][2] and a masterwork longsword, and wore +3 studded leather armor, an amulet of natural armor +1, lesser bracers of archery, and a ring of protection +1. He also had a waterskin, trail rations for a day, flint and steel, and three torches.[3]


A talented ranger and archer, Hank could shoot at close range, in rapid succession, or multiple arrows at a time.[3] He had a high constitution.[2]


Hank and his friends were originally from Earth,[3][2] where they were in something called "the ninth grade".[2] But they became trapped in the Realm[3] and later in some place they called "the Forgotten Realms",[2] evidently not knowing the difference.[speculation] Aided by a mysterious entity known as the Dungeon Master, they battled monsters sent at them by the villainous Venger and tried to defeat him for good while struggling to find a way home.[2]

The Victims of Tiamat[]

Living long before the mid-to-late 14th century DR, he was among a band of young adventurers who were all trying to find a way back to their distant home. However, it was said they were all slain horribly by Tiamat, together with their miniature unicorn. By 1369 DR, the Adventurer Mart in Athkatla, Amn, displayed paintings of Hank and Bobby.[4]

The Grand Tour of the Realms[]

In the 1360s DR, Hank and his friends journeyed to the town of Shadowdale in Faerûn so that Presto could ask the great sage Elminster to take him on as an apprentice. While drinking in the Old Skull Inn, they spotted Elminster arrive. Though Presto had lost his nerve, Hank stood beside him to declare his friend's suitability.[1]

Thus, Elminster whisked Presto away on a whirlwind tour of the Realms, and he came back traumatized and beaten and decided it best not to be his apprentice. Nevertheless, Presto had ideas for future adventures with his friends.[1]

At this time, now in middle age, the ranger looked somewhat different. His hair was more ginger than blonde, and he wore a studded light-blue mantle, instead of his typical studded leather armor. He appeared to enjoy drinking ale.[1]

The High Sun Games[]

In the late 1490s DR,[note 1] Hank and his friends, all adults now and without unicorn, were one of five teams competing in the High Sun Games in the newly built arena in Neverwinter. They evaded the displacer beast and even got to the center of the maze and safely inside the sanctuary cage at the end, winning that round. However, the Red Wizard of Thay Sofina used the horn of beckoning death above the arena soon after, so their fate is unknown.[5][note 2]

Went to Waterdeep[]

Aged only 15, Hank and friends were camping in a forest one night when the Dungeon Master arrived to check on them, soon abandoning them again with promises of finding snacks, such as the spicy fried potatoes they liked. Hank grew annoyed at this and their lack of progress on getting back to Earth; he had a new plan, but the others were tired and were accepting their new life. But then driders and darkmantles ambushed them, and they fought their way out and into a mysterious portal that opened. It dumped them from a height into the streets of Waterdeep, now in daytime and autumn. They were met by a girl who was pleased her spell had worked.[2]

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First appearing in the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon series of 1983–1985, the characters Hank, Eric, Diana, Presto, Sheila, and Bobby were teenagers from Earth who were transported to a place called 'the Realm'—which is not in any way, shape, or form related to the Forgotten Realms setting or the world of Toril. Despite this, since the end of that series, they have made no less than four cameo appearances in Forgotten Realms sources, before having a comic series of their own set in the Realms (plural), Saturday Morning Adventures, which either mistakenly or deliberately retcons their adventures as being in "the Forgotten Realms" (a strictly real-world term for the setting).

As such, their five appearances in the Realms (plural) are contradictory and spread over more than a century of time, with them having different apparent ages and, in one case, being seemingly killed before their next chronological appearance. Short of a storyline involving cloning and/or time travel, these are difficult to reconcile. However, it should be noted that in The Grand Tour and Honor Among Thieves they are older, slightly different in appearance, and not actually named, so they might be considered copies or homages. In any case, for completeness, each appearance is included here.

However, to maintain focus on the Realms (plural) and avoid further confusion, only information from Forgotten Realms sources is included here and the Realm is considered not to be a part of the Realms.

In Honor Among Thieves, Hank was played by actor Edgar Abram.


  1. The Honor Among Thieves movie and its tie-ins are as yet undated. As discussed here, from the condition of Castle Never and Dagult Neverember's reign, this wiki estimates a date of the late 1490s DR for the main events of the movie. Prequels and flashback scenes are set up to 11 years before this.
  2. After reaching the cage, the cartoon characters are not seen again. The beckoning death smoke later engulfs their position in the arena, but it is likely they left before this. Their purpose for competing is also unknown, but they may also have been trying to stop Forge and Sofina.