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Hank[1] the Ranger, was the leader of an adventuring group and companion of Elminster's apprentice, Presto.[2]


Hank, being the oldest member, led the others of his group, who were originally from Earth.[1]

In his adulthood, the ranger looked somewhat different. His hair was more ginger than blonde, and he wore a studded light-blue mantle, instead of typical studded-leather armor. He appeared to enjoy drinking ale.[2]


Hank fought with a large energy bow and a masterwork longsword, and wore studded leather armor +3, an amulet of natural armor +1, lesser bracers of archery, and a ring of protection +1.[1]


At 15 years of age, Hank (and his adventuring party) became trapped in the Realm for a long duration.[1] In the mid–14th century DR, his party appeared to have escaped the mysterious place, and they journeyed to Shadowdale in Faerûn. A member of Hank's adventuring group became an apprentice of Elminster Aumar in the 1360s DR.[2]

By 1369 DR, a portrait of Hank the Ranger was displayed in Athkatla's Adventurer Mart. The accompanying text explained that he was killed and potentially eaten by Tiamat, once a nemesis to the group.[3] However, the artwork depicted him as a youngster although he was an adult by the time he met Elminster at Shadowdale, which may indicate he was believed dead by mistake.[2]



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