The Hanno's Herbs and Medicines was an apothecary located in the city of Wheloon in Cormyr. Its proprietor was Hanno Minstrelsong.[1][2][3]


Hanno's Herbs and Medicines was in business by 1358 DR.[2] It was still in business through circa 1369 DR[1] and in 1374 DR.[3]

Famed traveler Volothamp Geddarm wrote about the business in Volo's Guide to Cormyr.[1]


Hanno Minstrelsong sold a variety of mundane healing supplies, including herbs, poultices, medicines, and alchemical mixtures, as well as magical potions. He also bought bulk quantities of powdered and bottled herbs from halfling hamlets along Cormyr's southern coast and eastern farming belt, and sold them to caravan merchants who distributed them in markets in Suzail, Sembia, and Westgate.[1][3]

Nonlethal poisons were available for sale to those who inquired discreetly and appeared trustworthy. However, Hanno didn't sell any lethal poisons, and those who asked for them could end up being watched by the Purple Dragons.[3]

Among Hanno's special mixtures were incredibly powerful anaesthetics. One short-duration treatment deadened pain, such that warriors who'd lost limbs in combat could happily fight on under its effects. Another was a secret concoction that induced deep unconsciousness in humans, elves, and half-elves; even seriously injuries would not wake them.

But Hanno's rarest and most expensive product was the spellbane herb, which invoked a resistance to magic in those who consumed it. He usually had only one small live plant or a small keg of dried leaves in stock. The plant would cost at least 100 gp, while a piece was upwards of 40 gp, and one dried leaf was 25 gp.[1]


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