Hap was a small village in Battledale, located south of the Standing Stone halfway between Essembra and Featherdale,[1] at the base of the former volcano, Haptooth Hill. It was minor, peaceful settlement inhabited in large part by woodcutters and herb-growers. Despite its serene nature, it did attract many adventurers looking to explore the ruins and tunnel system under Haptooth Hill.[2]


The defense and leadership of Hap was left to War Watcher Elphron Pharlyn, a veteran officer of the Lord's Men, appointed by Lord Ilmeth. He had the resources of the Lord's Men or forces of the Abbey of the Sword at his disposal if requested.[2]


Hap was once controlled by Dracandros and his drow minions until he was overthrown by adventurers.[3]

Notable locationsEdit

  • Tower of Decandros: The keep formerly inhabited by Dracandros and his allies rested on the top of Haptooth Hill.[4]
  • The Millery Inn: A small rooming house that served adequate lodgings and food to those who stayed, and some who lived, in Hap.[5]


  • Glarth's Anvil: The smithy of Hap provided rough, but sturdy weapons, armor and other goods made of iron.[6]




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