The Happy Cow was a popular tavern located in the town of Daggerford.[2]


Around the late 14th century DR the tavern was run by a former adventurer halfling named Fulbar Hardcheese, who provided customers with cheese made on his family farm and almond beer he blended himself.[3][4]

Fulbar kept hidden deep underneath the tavern a dragon's hoard, obtained in the backlands during his adventuring days, and used that extra funding to maintain low prices.[4]

As of the late 15th century DR it was still being run by members of the Hardcheese family, among them the owners, Koggin and Lily.[2]


In addition to the usual services provided by inns of the North, the Happy Cow provided moneylending services on behalf of Koggin.[2]


In addition to Lily and Koggin, the Happy Cow employed over 20 members of the Hardcheese family, from cousins and uncles to other distant relatives.[2]

Among the inns regulars was a half-elf by the name of Zira. While she took this form while lending her fondness to the Hardcheese family, Zira was in fact a bronze dragon called Zirazylym.[2]

When Fulbar was running this tavern it was known for catering primarily to local farmers and Daggerford townsmen, with soldiers and adventurers receiving less of a warm welcome.[3] [4]



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