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Haraknin were a type of canomorph whose original form was a hell hound.[1]


Haraknin resembled "ordinary" hell hounds in their original form, and typically took on the appearance of a human or half-orc with flame-colored hair and red eyes, with wiry, rust-red hair on their body. Haraknin always smelled faintly of brimstone.[1]


Haraknin were violent and ill-tempered.[1]


Haraknins, like all canomorphs, could shift between their natural hound form and a humanoid form at will. Additionally, they had a breath weapon in the form of a 30‑foot (9.1‑meter) cone of fire that they could use in either form.[1]

Haraknins could use greater command at will against hell hounds, and a hell hound would never willingly attack a haraknin.[1]


Haraknin were simple and aggressive combatants, favoring charging out of an ambush and simply attacking.[1]


Haraknin were created by archfiends to serve as more intelligent tracking and guard dogs, a role that could also be filled by the two other canomorphs, leading to intense competition between the three types. Haraknin were the most tenacious and common, but were also the physically weakest of the three.[1]

Haraknin preferred to train as rangers or barbarians.[1]

Notable Haraknin[]