Harbin Wester was the townmaster of Phandalin circa 1491 DR.[1]


Harbin was a corpulent and pretentious banker. He carried one set of keys to the jail cells in the Townmaster's Hall.[1]


In 1491 DR, the Redbrand brigands began to terrorize Phandalin, but Wester did not seem to want to engage the rough bunch. In fact, he felt threatened by them and claimed that they were "not all that much trouble, really". Wester refused to arrest any Redbrands until their leader had been slain, or the group disbanded, as the townmaster feared retaliation.[1]

In the same year, travellers reported that orcs had appeared close by to the area, specifically in Wyvern Tor. He put out a notice to cull the group, with a reward of 100 gp to the group that was successful.[1]



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